Plant Lady Plant Keychain
Plant Lady Plant Keychain

Plant Lady Plant Keychain

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During the last decade, houseplants have made a whopping comeback. In a world where people are confined to their homes and offices all day, plants can be immensely therapeutic. A dash of fresh greenery can add life to otherwise lifeless indoors.

Today, people have more than ever reasons to love plants. That being said, I’m sure you know a bunch of plant lovers yourself (some might even call themselves “plant parents”). So why not get these plant parents something they’ll cherish?

Keychains make for superb, little gifts for about any occasion. Whether you want to add it to a gift basket or give it just as you can’t really go wrong with a fab keychain.

Our keychains are designed to be striking to the eyes and have great utility as well. Plant lady keychain is an excellent gift for any plant lover. The highly polished gold base gives it a premium look, and the gold keyring attachment with a lobster clasp makes it easy to use.

  • Hard Enamel Keychain
  • Designed in the United States of America
  • 2″ wide
  • High Polished Gold Base
  • It has gold keyring attachment with lobster clasp.