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Alocasia Plant Enamel Pin
Alocasia Plant Enamel Pin
Alocasia Plant Enamel Pin

Alocasia Plant Enamel Pin

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Alocasia Plant Enamel Pin

Crafted with the plant lady, plant daddy, and plant mom in mind, this pin showcases an intricately crafted depiction of the beloved Alocasia plant, renowned for its captivating arrow-shaped foliage and tropical essence. Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or embarking on your first foray into plant parenting, this pin presents a delightful and voguish means to exhibit your adoration for the verdant world.

Meticulously fashioned from top-notch materials for enduring quality, this Alocasia plant pin effortlessly infuses a hint of the natural world into your everyday ensemble. Attach it to your denim jacket, tote bag, or even your favored botanically-themed sweater to introduce a spirited and whimsical embellishment that's guaranteed to capture attention.

Secure your very own Alocasia plant pin without delay and join the burgeoning congregation of plant aficionados who proudly showcase their passion (be it on their sleeves, jackets, bags, or sweaters). Regardless of whether you're a seasoned greenery connoisseur or just setting out on your plant-filled journey, this pin stands as the ultimate avenue to showcase your profound fondness for all things lush and vibrant.

  •  Hard Enamel Pin

  • 1” tall and 0.5" wide

  • High Polished Gold Base

  • Comes with a Secure Butterfly Clutch

  • Includes an Elegant Backing Card.