Sunflower Floral Sticker
Sunflower Floral Sticker
Sunflower Floral Sticker

Sunflower Floral Sticker

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Sunflowers, also known by their scientific name Helianthus annuus, are a bright and cheerful plant known for their tall stature and large, showy flowers. These iconic flowers are native to North and South America and were first cultivated by Native Americans over 4,000 years ago. Sunflowers are widely grown for their oil-rich seeds, which are used in cooking and as a source of biodiesel. Sunflowers are also a popular ornamental plant, with numerous cultivars available in a range of colors and sizes. These plants are easy to grow and require full sunlight, making them a popular choice for gardens, fields, and even along highways. In addition to their practical uses, sunflowers have also been used symbolically throughout history, representing loyalty, admiration, and happiness. They are often associated with the sun and are said to turn their heads to follow its movement throughout the day.

You can use them on a water bottle, planner, cell phone, notebook, laptop, iPad and more...

3” tall x 2” wide


Clear Sticker

UV Resistant

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