Yellow Daffodil Enamel Pin
Yellow Daffodil Enamel Pin
Yellow Daffodil Enamel Pin

Yellow Daffodil Enamel Pin

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The yellow daffodil is a bright and cheerful flower that is highly sought after for its aesthetic pin value and ability to symbolize various emotions. As one of the most popular yellow flowers, the daffodil represents new beginnings, rebirth, and hope, making it a perfect gift for anyone starting a new chapter in their life. For plant ladies, the yellow daffodil is an excellent choice for a botanical accessory, whether as a potted plant or cut flower arrangement. Its vibrant yellow color is a standout among other flowers, adding a pop of color and life to any space. Whether given as a gift or used as a decorative enamel pin, the yellow daffodil is a versatile and meaningful flower that is sure to bring joy and positivity to any occasion.

Inspired by beautiful Daffodil Flower. Made with a plated gold base and a rubber clutch back, this bright flower pin makes a lasting gift to plant parents and more!

This enamel pin would be spectacular when worn on a top, or affixed to a tie, hat, bag, scarf, purse or backpack.

  • Hard Enamel Pin

  • Designed in the United States of America

  • 1.2” tall and 0.8" wide

  • Plated gold base

  • Rubber Clutch Backing

  • Includes an Elegant Backing Card.